A Few Tips For Keeping Your Automatic Garage Door Safe And Working


If you have recently had an automatic door installed in your garage, there are a few maintenance and repair chores that you need to do to keep it working properly. A malfunctioning door can be a safety hazard--you would not want the door to fall on someone or something. It can also be an annoyance; you don't want to pull out of the garage and have the door refuse to close behind you.

17 December 2015

Need A Backyard Getaway? Try A Shed Man-Cave


Are you looking for a way to add a man-cave to a home that has no unused space? The answer may be right in your own backyard...literally. Renovating an old shed to use as a private hideaway isn't as hard as it may sound. Much of the project can be accomplished over the weekend and for very little money. Here are the 5 steps to creating your own space out of an unneeded shed.

2 December 2015