Are You Building A Guest House On Your Country Property?


Are you lucky enough to be raising your family in a country setting? Or, your children might be grown and have their own families now. If that's the case, maybe you decided that you wanted your grandkids to have a wide, open space in which to play and explore when they visit you. 

Maybe you have plenty of space inside your main house for guests to sleep in. Or, it might be that the main house is not roomy and you have decided to build a guest house on your property. If that's the case, from selecting rustic barn doors as part of the design to planning the inside of the guest house, here are some ideas that might be helpful.

Rustic Barn Doors - Since you live in the country, don't you think that it would be fun to design a guest house with a rustic feeling? If so, think of including the purchase of rustic barn doors as part of the design. There are so many different types of rustic doors available that you might have trouble selecting the one you want. Rustic doors come in many prices, so you'll easily be able to find one that meets your budget limit. 

For a bit of elegance as part of the rustic door, think of selecting brass or pewter hardware as part of the design of the door. To make the door even more rustic, consider selecting black or dark gray wrought iron for the hardware. Contact a supplier like 2 V Custom Doors and Rustic Designs for help choosing the right design for your needs. 

The Inside Design - Since you'll be using the guest house mostly for sleeping purposes, consider how many people you'll usually have staying overnight. For example, you might decide on just one separate bedroom and a small sitting area. If so, consider having a sofa bed or a futon that will offer more sleeping space. If your budget allows for an additional bedroom, go for it.

What else do you want inside of the guest house? For example, you'll probably want at least a small bathroom so your guests don't have to run to the main house when nature calls. Even if meals will be eaten at the main house, consider having a small refrigerator inside the guest house, too. Stock it with things like canned drinks and other treats that you guests will enjoy. 

When you select the furniture for the guest house, consider buying rustic furniture that will complement the rustic barn door you selected.


21 May 2019

Front Door Options: Choosing the Right One

When I decided to invest in a new front door, I was surprised to learn how many options are on the market today. Not being sure what to do, I sought out the help of a contractor. That helped me set priorities and find the right one for our home. The contractor talked to me about all the features that the right door needed to provide. The door had to be sturdy as well as look nice. It also needed to fit properly in the frame and include some type of insulation. In my case, I went with a metal door filled with foam insulation. For looks, I had the door covered with a wood veneer and sealed. If you are thinking of replacing the front door, let me share what the contractor taught me. Those same tips will help you come up with the right choice.