Top 4 Commercial Garage Door Styles


Are you looking for a garage door for your business premises? If so, you are probably wondering which one to settle for. Garage doors will vary depending on the kind of business you run. Here are a few popular varieties to choose from.

1. Roll-up Doors

These doors roll up to open. They are often used where there is no room for rails. They are safe, durable, secure and visually appealing. They are also affordable and are commonly used in warehouses and other heavy duty industrial environments.

2. Fire Doors

These are similar to overhead doors as they have the same opening and closing mechanism as roll up doors. The difference is that they are made of fire-resistant stainless steel.

This material is thick and durable. Fire doors are also less noisy and offer good insulation. Their most outstanding feature is that they are fitted with an automatic closing mechanism in case of a fire. They are ideal for businesses where safety is crucial and where you need to adhere to set rules and regulations. Such businesses include hospitals, hotels, and schools.

3. Sectional Doors

These are typically made of aluminum. This makes them light in weight and corrosion-resistant. They allow a lot of light into your premises, making them visible from afar off. Aluminum sectional doors will often offer a clear view of the interior and are therefore ideal for businesses such as motor vehicle showrooms and restaurants.

They are also sleek and visually appealing. However, you'll need to have a lot of space in the area surrounding your business premises. Steel sectional doors are extremely strong and are best for businesses with heavy vehicle traffic and which deal in heavy machinery.

4. High-Speed Doors

These are commonly used in high traffic areas where you need to open and close the door often and fast. Because of their high-speed opening and closing mechanism, they conserve energy during extreme weather. They are ideal for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

You have a wide variety of commercial garage doors to choose from. However, roll-up doors, sectional, fire, and high-speed doors appear to be the most popular. Choose the right kind of door for your type of business, traffic, durability, and appeal. Also, remember to take into consideration energy efficiency and cost.

When choosing a commercial garage door, pay attention to the amount of traffic you have, the nature of your business and the amount of space you have, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. For more information, contact a company like Affina Door Company.


8 August 2018

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