Components To A Killer Home Security System


A great home security program can go beyond simple mechanical locks. Here are some of the ways to create an excellent security system for your home. 

Strong Locks with Deadbolts

First of all, be sure that you consult a locksmith services provider to assess the quality of your home's locks. They should all have thick deadbolts at the minimum. You could consider having your locks put into an electronic locking system so that you can control them from afar. This way, you'll know when someone is trying to gain access to your home while you're not there. For more information on locks, talk to a professional like A-Dave's Lock & Safe.

Home Alarm Systems

A home alarm system is another important component of a great security system. Sometimes, you won't always be available to deal with intrusions, and so it helps to have a security system that either alerts you or the police, or both. 


High fences are a great defense for many reasons. First, if they are high enough to block visibility onto your property, it will give your intruders less time to plan out their method of entry and potential escape routes. It's also a good idea for physically keeping burglars off of your property; if they have to struggle to get onto the property, they've already wasted precious time to get in and get out quickly. 

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting may scare away anyone who steps foot onto your property without your permission. You have the option of getting bright, focused lights or LED track lighting that provides a dim glow along your sidewalks. Many of these systems are responsive to motion, which may make a burglar think that someone has spotted them. Outdoor lighting has plenty of benefits aside from security as well. It's a safe feature to have if you tend to do a lot of entertaining outdoors; your outdoor lights can light up the pathways so that your guests don't misstep. 

Friendly Neighbors

And lastly, your neighbors can provide a bit of free home security if you take the time to get to know them. If you are on good terms, they may start to get to know your schedule and know when something is off. For instance, if someone is spotted coming in and out of your property at an usual time, it may sound the alarm bells for them. They might be compelled to let you know, potentially saving your home from a costly break-in. 



6 October 2016

Front Door Options: Choosing the Right One

When I decided to invest in a new front door, I was surprised to learn how many options are on the market today. Not being sure what to do, I sought out the help of a contractor. That helped me set priorities and find the right one for our home. The contractor talked to me about all the features that the right door needed to provide. The door had to be sturdy as well as look nice. It also needed to fit properly in the frame and include some type of insulation. In my case, I went with a metal door filled with foam insulation. For looks, I had the door covered with a wood veneer and sealed. If you are thinking of replacing the front door, let me share what the contractor taught me. Those same tips will help you come up with the right choice.