Need A Backyard Getaway? Try A Shed Man-Cave


Are you looking for a way to add a man-cave to a home that has no unused space? The answer may be right in your own backyard...literally. Renovating an old shed to use as a private hideaway isn't as hard as it may sound. Much of the project can be accomplished over the weekend and for very little money. Here are the 5 steps to creating your own space out of an unneeded shed. 

Wire It as Needed

The current condition and use of your shed will determine how much reconstruction and changes need to be done. If it currently has no electrical wiring, you'll need to add some. Basic electrical needs like lights can be covered by wiring 110 volt power from your home's existing circuit breaker. If you will be adding larger appliances, you may need to add 220 volt power outlets. If you're unsure how to wire up the shed, consult with a professional electrician for safety. 

Add Insulation and Drywall

Once the shed is powered, it's time to finish the interior walls. Place fiberglass insulation in all four walls, and line the roof with insulation too. Look for gaps that allow air to flow in from outside, filling these in as needed using waterproof caulking, insulation or additional siding boards. When the walls have been insulated, close them in by hanging drywall. Instructions for hanging your drywall can be found in many home improvement stores or on the internet

Install New Doors and Windows

To dress up your new, finished shed, consider changing the doors and windows. The existing shed probably has very basic, often unattractive doors and windows that aren't likely to appeal to you and your guests. This is a good place to spend a little extra money on good quality materials. Large, barn-style double doors or French doors can be thrown open in the summer not only to open up the interior but also to keep it a comfortable temperature. Glass doors may bring in extra light and make the space feel larger. If you're using the shed as a home bar, why not add hinged, swinging windows that can double as a serving area for a few outdoor tables? The possibilities are endless, depending on what you plan to use your man-cave for. Contact a company like Southern Specialty Corporation for help with door installation.

Paint It

You're nearing the end of your project now. It's time to select a color scheme and paint the shed. Many shed owners like to paint the shed colors that complement the main house's basic color scheme so that everything feels connected. Others want a color design that reflects their personality or the use of the shed. If it's a place to hang out with your friends and watch the game every weekend, why not show your true (fan) colors? 


Now, you're done with the hard part. The only thing left is to decorate and accessorize your man-cave. Be sure to include comfy seating and coolers or refrigerators for cold drinks. It's your own space, so let your imagination and your wants lead you. 


2 December 2015

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